Saturday, November 29, 2008

Town Crier downtown to meet Santa

David McKee, Brantford's town crier, attended the city's Santa Claus parade tonight. In full voice he mingled amongst the large crowd of city residents to enjoy the parade.

For years I have been disappointed in the lack of interest in Brantford's downtown.  I will always want to remember Brantford's downtown as it was during Christmas in the 1960s, when Colborne and Dalhousie streets were crowded with people. 

I got to see a bit of that tonight--the people tonight reminded me of the old downtown Brantford from that time.  If it had only been snowing, it would have been perfect.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Great Houdini

This autumn has been very cold with a bit of snow (a bit more in some places than others) here in south central Ontario.  One morning on my way to work I noticed a black and white object finding shelter under a neighbour's car.  Either a kitten or a small skunk I thought--I drove on.

Over the next few days we learned we had three kittens living in our neighbourhood in some harsh weather conditions.  Unknown to me our automatic garage door opener had failed to close properly one night and we had captured two of the three kittens.  A little tabby, which was scared and a black and white kitten that was fighting for its life--he later became known as Cujo.

A few days later came the third and final kitten--Houdini.  We captured Houdini in the same manner, but this time on purpose.  But, this little kitten knew how to hide.  I moved an huge number of items from garage trying to find this kitten, but the kitten appeared gone.  It was hours before the great Houdini appeared--and what a treat... have you ever seen a moustache on the face of kitten like this before?

Houdini also has white socks with what appears to be a few black toes.  All three have been under great care by my wife who is ready to rename Cujo.