Sunday, October 30, 2005

Apps Mill (a.k.a. Rest Acres)

One of Brant County's best places for a walk... hell, it's one of the best places for a walk on the planet... right Angela?

I know this is one of my daughter's favourite places to go... and mine too. I have some unique memories of Apps Mill when it was Rest Acres.

In the 1960's the city of Brantford ran a summer camp here called "Camp Toreaca". I think our main meeting place was about here. There were cabins located at this site (image above).

Located along Whiteman's Creek we'd swim, and catch turtles. There were high cliffs (high for us kids) for us to jump off into deep areas of the creek.

There were many sleepouts... one every Wednesday night. I remember building a lean-to in case of any rain (at about this location).

Camp Toreaca's final year was 1971.

They appear to still have a camp for the kids here. Camp Imaknuna is held here. Though the area still gets plenty of people passing through I was please to see a lack of litter.

If anyone has any stories, pictures, etc they'd like to share about Rest Acres and/or Camp Toreaca, please place your feedback here. Camp Toreaca seems to be a forgotten past of Apps Mill.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Pumpkin Fest

Another annual event not worth missing is Waterford's Pumpkin Fest. I like to attend autumn fairs and Pumpkin Fest in the evening. I was impressed by this years huge display of pumpkins.

Dan, Cheryl and Shelley enjoy the displays in the cool but dry and very comfortable weather conditions.

I think the displays have been getting higher too.

I was a bit disappointment in the number of homes that were decorated. However, those that were decorated--great job. And as usual a great fireworks displayed ended a good evening.

Shelley has made our home more festive too.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Norfolk County Fair

Date: 09 Oct 2005
photographer: Craig
Location: Simcoe, Ontario
After missing out on 7 years of Ontario county fairs I found it a must to attend this years Norfolk County Fair. BTW, this year's pumpkin winner was with a pumpkin weighing in at almost 900lbs. There was another entry of over 900lbs, but it was missing that orange colour. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Old Friends and Family Meet

Date: 02 Oct 2005
photographer: Craig
Location: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada