Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday 13th

I had Friday, May 13th as a vacation day and joined a few family members to enjoy a warm May day away from the house. We grabbed Will, our five month old Australian Shepherd, and stopped in at the Hagersville Auction Centre. The goal was expose Will to lots of people and other animals.

Like every Friday, 13th we were overwhelmed by the volume of bikers heading into Port Dover.

Tim Horton's - Hagersville, Ontario

Hundreds of bikers pass through Haggersville

At one point in the livestock barn I had Will with me. In front of us a loose goat stopped motionless in front of an open door. Will and the goat were frozen in time--both wondering what to do and I suspect, both wondering what the hell kind of an ugly animal is that.

The goat owner was in hot pursuit and the goat knew it. He bolted back away from us and into the parking lot where the underside of a Ford F-150 looked secure.

Patient Will

Will was very well behaved at the Hagersville Auction Center. Seen resting under the chairs during the auction.