Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Pet

Brent is finally getting an animal he has wanted for some time. I am not sure if he is up for the work ahead, and we shall see if the cats and I are up for the work. This puppy, unnamed at the moment, is one of five pups from a well-known local couple. The mother, Cookie, is a 10-pound Jack Russell terrier who apparently likes Barlett pears. The father, Bunny, is a toy fox terrier and apparenly does not care for pears. This mixed breed have been named Newport terriers, by their owners who live on Newport Road

Out of the two remaining pups they had left when we visited Newport Road, one was a bit smaller than the other but was too bouncey for Brent. The larger of the two has more interesting colour on her head and was Brent's first choice. And, so far is not bouncey at all--very quiet and still.

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